A project of the pizza restaurant TISTO is made in a dark color scheme to create a cozy atmosphere. The interior is filled with custom-made details: wine vitrine, wardrobes, metal partition walls, shelves and plant pots, handmade clay lamps and more. There is a play area for the youngest visitors where children will be able to prepare their own toy pizza by hand. In the bathroom, a terracotta tube that descends directly from the ceiling acts as a water mixer. The accent is also a terracotta concrete washbasin. The main idea is to create an Italian restaurant that can serve not only on weekdays but also be festive on the weekend.

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Visualization: Stanislav Pashkalian
Drawing: Roman Kaplun
Category: restaurant design
Project area: 208 ΠΌ2
Project year: 2019