Smartphone store i.Cube has the shape of a cube. We wanted to move away from the standard representations of the store in the mall and create something laconic and minimalist. Therefore, Ithe idea was to create a vice versa store. The inspiration for us was jet black color. As a result, a black glossy cube appeared inside the glass cube. The seller does not hide from buyers at a high counter but is in constant contact with them. To achieve the effect of soaring in the air, we made the base of a mirror. There is a shop window outside of a cube, and there is space inside as well. You can use internal space as a warehouse of goods and a locker room for the salesman.

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Photo: Volodymyr Homych
Category: shop design
Project area: 10 ΠΌ2
Realization year: 2018