Cheese Bakery

Cheese Bakery cafe is located in the heart of Lviv city in a historic building of the 19th century. The brick walls of the room are riddled with history. We decided to preserve their original appearance as well as marble floors and windoor, a beautiful vaulted ceiling, and antique cast iron heating radiators. Despite the fact that the building is historical, the cafe is modern. This place is for people who adore delicious cuisine and a cozy atmosphere. We tried to avoid the feeling of a place of public catering. Therefore, in this interior, there are no identical chairs in a row. On the contrary, all the furniture, dishes, and lamps are different. All details work for a common goal which is to make a visitor feel as if he has come to visit his friends. That is why a soft deep sofa for a large company holds a central place. Imperfection is attracting. Concrete and marble tiles created at the Leoti Lviv manufactory, handmade clay lamps from Yaglyna, wooden inlaid table from Lutsk, paintings made by Kyiv artist Artem Prut, and a lot of Ukrainian subject design found its place in the interior. The Cheese Bakery cafe project is the result of the work of so many young and creative people.

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Foto: Andriy Shustykevych
Category: cafe design
Project area: 145 ΠΌ2
Realization year: 2019