Bubble Bar

From drawing sketches to seeing them come to life, working on this project has been a delight. Bubble Bar is a cafeteria that specializes in cooking some extraordinary desserts, such as the Hong-Kong waffles, black ice-cream, and berry-flavoured candyfloss. The main goal was to create a design that is delicate, scrumptious, light and modern. We decided to embellish the interior design of the cafeteria in the impasto technique painting pink, vanilla, and mint brush strokes to make the observer think that the artist may have used an ice-cream cone as a brush. In 11 square meters of space, we have managed to organize a comfortable working area for the staff of the cafeteria and to fence the entrance to it with the help of the sliding doors that seem to melt into the front faсade. One talented artist helped to make my idea come true and assisted me in picking the finishing materials. He employed the technique of palette knife impasto painting. In order to make the cafeteria look modern, we used metal and lath to build a wireframe. That was partly dictated by a need to protect the bar counter’s faсade. Our friendly team has managed to create a real place of attraction for all those who have a sweet tooth. The project "Bubble Bar" was awarded the INTERIUM 2018 Interior Prize for taken 1st place in the nomination "Interiors of public spaces. Cafes, bars, restaurants"

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Photo: Ira Gurtovenko
Category: cafe design
Project area: 11 м2
Realization year: 2018