Pure white

White walls and warm wood are the main aspect of this house’s interrior. Most pieces of furniture were custom-made. I paid a special attention to the kitchen. I designed an additional cooking zone, which can be hidden pressing a button. After all, keeping a tidy, minimalistic type of the kitchen is very important for the hostess. Large panoramic windows let the exterior in and allow to enjoy a magnificent view of the perfect lawn and a rigorous geometric fountain that gives a coolness in the summer and plays the role of an accent on the acreage. We were trying to achieve a bright, clean, positive space for young people. The main idea of the project is a democratic interior with a thoughtful functional and without extra pomposity.

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Photo: Viktor Golikov
Category: private house interior design
Project area: 300 ΠΌ2
Realization year: 2015