Pastel violet

The customers had no special wishes. They trusted our taste. The only request was to have bright ultraviolet accents in the apartment. We saw the interior in light natural shades. To satisfy these two radically different points, we decided to make ultraviolet light. It can be included for parties or for a special atmosphere. And when dwellers get tired and want peace and relaxation, they can use neutral color lighting. The theme of nature in the interior is conveyed by micro-concrete on the walls, veneered with natural wood plywood and indoor plants. We placed the dining area in a spacious bay window with panoramic windows and city views. We placed a flower pot with plants behind glass in embrasure between the kitchen and the living room. In the evening, they will be highlighted and cast curly shadows into the room. At first glance, the interior is simple, but it will open its secrets gradually.

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Visualization: Stanislav Pashkalian
Drawing: Roman Kaplun
Category: private interior design
Project area: 73 ΠΌ2
Project year: 2019