Pastel blue

The main highlight of this apartment is its unique sky blue color. It was not easy to pick it up in the materials. However, we did it! We also worked with the layout and radically changed the space of this apartment. We enlarged the bathroom and fulfilled the hostess’s dream of a freestanding bath. We organized a dressing room and a utility room. We also created a spacious and bright living room-studio. This was very important because the height of the rooms in the apartment is only 2.5 m. We fought for every centimeter. For the sake of this, we finished the ceilings in plaster and did it directly on the floor panels. The flooring is also ultra-thin. We used a waterproof material - vinyl. Thus, we avoided lowering the ceiling and raising the floor and maximally preserved the height of the room. The central place above the dining table was taken by a cylindrical structure of metal and mesh, which serves as a large chandelier. The niche for clothes in the hallway and the wardrobe are closed by sliding barn doors. The bed on the podium in the children's room has become a good place to watch movies using the projector. And the most interesting place in the apartment, probably, was the lounge area with a mirrored ceiling. An ideal place for a selfie, and privacy. What else is needed for a teenage girl?

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Photo: Alexander Kondriyanenko
Category: private interior design
Project area: 90 ΠΌ2
Realization year: 2019