Maize yellow

This project, although small, is very special. This apartment is for the artist and his family. We faced complicated requests: to allocate everything the family needs and leave free space. The customers wanted to fill an area of 37 sq.m. with a kitchen-living room, an office, a place to read books, a wide bed, a separate children's room, a place of work for the artist with an opportunity to hide an easel, and a kitchen without top cabinets! It was not easy, but we managed. We came up with the original plywood yellow cube that plays two roles simultaneously: storage for large items and children's place. As customers spend their free time playing board games in a large group of friends, we have provided the opportunity to transform the podium with a bed into a sofa group with a low table and ottomans for sitting. The mattress will be moved under the podium before the party. We love working with color, and this project is not an exception. The color scheme is special here. On the customer's request, there are both natural and vivid colors. The accent is a large-format terrazzo, which decorates the bathroom and countertop in the kitchen. The final touch will be an art list of walls that will be created by the artist himself.

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Visualization: Natalia Bohuta
Drawing: Roman Kaplun
Category: private interior design
Project area: 37 ΠΌ2
Project year: 2020