Antique pink

The owners of a small house are young people with a good sense of humor. They wanted a contrasting home that would be stylish, light but at the same time not like everyone else's. Therefore, a Star Wars-style guest bathroom has appeared in the house. As well as a metallic blue design on the ceiling directly above the large kitchen island. The design hides an air extraction system, local lighting, and shelves. Another interesting element is the functional apron. All desktop appliances will be behind the sliding door. The combination of blue and coral creates a special playful atmosphere in the interiors of this house. Customers are courageous and creative young people. We tried to create an interior that would match their character. This one is an unusual house that inspires dwellers every day.

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Visualization: Stanislav Pashkalian
Drawing: Ira Lysiuk
Category: private house interior design
Project area: 120 ΠΌ2
Project year: 2019