Nut brown

Barn House Duplex Project. A great option for two families to realize the dream of owning a home. Despite the small area of one half (only 120 m2), this house contains everything you need for a comfortable stay outside the city. Two children's rooms, master bedroom with large wardrobe, spacious living room-studio with access to a private terrace. As well as plenty of storage space. Laundry room, boiler room and small pantry near the kitchen. The interior of the house can be adapted to your taste by changing the details a little. For example, you can even put a glass bath overlooking the bedroom. And if necessary, use smart glass and do its matte or transparent, depending on the situation

Architect: Ira Lysiuk
Visualization: Natalia Bohuta
Category: architectural project
Project area: 2*150 ΠΌ2
Project year: 2019